Aviva Azizi, Founder | Professional Organizer

For as long as I can recall, I’ve found great joy in all things neat, clean, and orderly. As a wife and mother of two small children, maintaining an organized and efficient home is not only a passion, but is essential to cultivating a happier life for my family and myself. Especially in New York City where we inhabit small spaces and lead busy lives, preserving our homes as a peaceful sanctuary is key!

My Masters in Childhood Education has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of children and the need for order and structure in their environment. Both in the classroom and at home with my children, I’ve learned that this type of thoughtful setting allows them to do their best work and play. My educational background and innate expertise in organization enable me to balance keeping a tidy home yet foster the fluidity of a bustling family life.

With simple tweaks, the appropriate tools, and attention to detail, any nook can be transformed to a functional space that is pleasing to the eye!

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